What is Mayoral Training TV?

Mayoral Training TV is an online movement platform created by world renowned Dancer/Choreographer Dylan Mayoral. Since 2016, Dylan has been organising dance events in London with the goal to provide top quality training for dancers, whether they wish to become professional dancers or simply improve in level. Dylan has now created this online platform for all dancers around the world.

What makes Mayoral Training TV special?

Dylan is well known for his versatility in movement and choreography. He has trained in over 14 different dance styles, from Ballet to Hip Hop to Jazz to Popping.

Dylan wishes to offer the same kind of rigorous, versatile training he received in London, with some of the best in the industry.

Dancing is not just about movement, it truly goes way deeper than that. On this platform, along with movement classes, we also offer Seminars that explore topics such as choreography, musicality, control, patience and much more. 

Foundations are extremely important, more important than choreography. Without foundations/repetition of movement you cannot reach an advanced level in movement and understanding of the body. An analogy we like to use is this: before kids learn how to write words, they learn how to write letters. It’s very hard to teach kids to write words without first showing them what letters are and how they work. It’s the same with choreography. if you first familiarise yourself with foundational styles and steps (letters), through repetition you’ll get much more comfortable with movement and body awareness, allowing the transition to choreography (words) much easier.

On this platform, we aim to have a class for anyone and everyone. If you want to train in ballet but you’re a complete beginner, we’ve got you. If you want to get more familiar with your foundations, we’ve got you. If you want to learn more about what’s behind the creation of a routine, we’ve got you. 

Dylan is incredibly careful with how he selects his teachers, 99% of the time selecting teachers he has personally trained with (the other 1% being a strong recommendation from trusted teachers). This is to ensure that the quality of the classes on this platform are of the best standard and you can trust that the teachers you are learning from are experienced, having spent many years working on their craft and artistry.

What styles do we offer?

Currently, we have the following styles available on the platform: Hip Hop, Open Choreography, Contemporary, Heels, House, Popping, Locking, Afro and Boogaloo. We aim to offer more styles soon at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

It’s important to note that we are an organisation that supports and recognises the cultures that these styles come from. For example, when you see class that is labelled ‘Hip Hop’ on our platform, you can trust that the class will include original Hip Hop steps and foundation that come from the style’s origins.


At Mayoral Training TV, we aim to offer a price that is accessible and affordable to everyone worldwide. 

Monthly Subscription: £10.99 ($15.28)

3 Month Subscription: £24.99 ($34.75)

1 Year Subscription: £50.00 ($69.54)

Subscriptions may be cancelled any time, no commitments. 

Students also have the option to pay for classes individually if they do not wish to commit to a subscription.

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